EU-WB - Jean Monnet Module

The first regional documentary film on whistleblowers presented within Jean Monnet Module

  • The Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) produced a documentary film, ‘The Medal of the Loud’ , dealing with whistleblowers in the region through testimonials of people who reported corruption, pointed to it as investigative journalists, and representatives of organisations and institutions dealing with this issue. The documentary saw its Croatian premiere in Zagreb within Jean Monnet Module on europeanization of the Western Balkans.

    It was produced under the RAI Project ‘Whistleblowers are important: Raising awareness about whistleblowing in South East Europe’ supported by the Regional Cooperation Council. Croatian partner of RAI premiere is Faculty of Political Science. Speaking in the film are Valentina Krstić, Nataša Škaričić, Anila Hoxhaj, Zoran Gavrilović, Radomir Ilić, Mevludin Džindo, Arjan Dyrmishi and Srećko Sladoljev.

    The film aims to draw public attention to the importance of the act of a person reporting corruption and of protection of these persons, to address prejudices and put a spotlight on all the benefits of this way of fighting corruption.

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