EU-WB - Jean Monnet Module

Jean Monnet Module lecturers on 8th Subversive Festival Zagreb 2015

  • The Subversive Festival is an annual international fortnight of political, activist, cultural, educational, literary and artistic events that takes place in Zagreb, Croatia every May. Its activities are divided into the Subversive Film Festival, the Subversive Forum, the Balkan Forum and the Subversive Book Fair. The cross-cutting activity is the Subversive Festival’s Conference that includes major keynote lectures and round tables. One of the round table was organized by Jean Monnet Module coordinator on subject “Green Party in the Southeast Europe”. While Central and Eastern Europe was not led by autocratic political parties, the first decade of transition in all the countries of South Eastern Europe was marked by the autocratic tendencies of the ruling political parties, which today affects political life in these countries. This round table discussed about can it differently, is there a possibility to develop new parties focused on the priorities of the 21st century? Has the time of new parties arrived or has the South East Europe stuck into the patterns of the leading parties of the 1990s? Is this region possible to develop “green” political alternative? Participants were Mirela Holy (ORaH, Croatia), Dennis Gratz (Our party, B-H), Darko Pajović (Positive Montenegro, Montenegro), Ivan Karic (Greens of Serbia, Serbia), Kostas Loukeris (Ecologist Greens, Greece).

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