EU-WB - Jean Monnet Module

About the project

  • This Module‚Äôs aim is to establish interdisciplinary research on specialized issue of European Studies: economic, political, legal, institutional and social impact of the EU in the Western Balkans. This Module is structured to ensure students have the ability to communicate on European Union across disciplines.

    This Module combines theoretical debates with empirical research of professors, decision-makers, experts, civil society institutions and students. It is geographically-oriented subject (Albania, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) with sector-oriented Europeanization issues (political parties, parliaments, governments, administration, rule of law and corruption, minority and human rights, education, youth, environment, energy, business and employment etc.) with strong input of regional experts and academics. Different activities enable vivid exchange between experts, students and general public. Cooperation of young researchers from the region with interest in the EU is at the core of this Module.

    By bringing together acknowledged policy makers, researchers and experts from different background who collectively offer multi-disciplinary skill sets, it is possible to produce interdisciplinary Jean Monnet Module far more superior to that which can be offered by just one discipline alone. There is additional need for multi-disciplinary graduates who can adjust to ever-changing requirements of the competitive environment. Having specialization, but also having interdisciplinary training and cross-sectoral research is added value of this Jean Monnet Module.